From the Journal of Futures Studies, Jan H. Naude (Stellenbosch): Technological Singularity and Transcendental Monism: Co-producers of Sustainable Alternative Futures; Steve Gould (Sunshine Coast): Learning from the Politics of Futures; Jonathan Peck (IAF): Some Theories of Social Change for Futures Practitioner; Stephen Millett (FA): Should Probabilities Be Used with Scenarios?; and a symposium on Zero Zone Theory. Accidents will happen: What if Deepwater Horizon was a nuclear plant? The introduction to Why Statues Leap, a collection of articles from 21 years of The Skeptic magazine (and more). Can people become experts without the experience? If people are talking about managing deficits and not saying what spending they'll cut and which taxes they'll raise, they're not saying anything useful. A review of From Polders to Postmodernism: A Concise History of Archival Theory by John Ridener. Intelligence is correlated with openness to novel experience, but what does “novel experience” mean? From DRB, a review of Ulysses and Us: The Art of Everyday Living by Declan Kiberd. The defender of eventuality: An interview with Ernesto Laclau. Atlas Obscura takes a look at the Oklo Reactor, the world's only natural nuclear reactor. Radical cuts to social welfare spending to reduce budget deficits could cause not just economic pain but cost lives. In the split second before foot meets ball, a soccer player's body betrays whether a penalty kick will go left or right, according to recent research. Greg Marx on lessons from the response to the David Weigel flap. The Networker: Ken Auletta on Saad Mohseni, Afghanistan’s first media mogul. Mephedrone is the new ecstasy: Hey, you can snort this — it’s legal, but think about it first. More and more and more on Absence of Mind by Marilynne Robinson.