From the Ryerson Review of Journalism, an investigation into small publications and the secret to their survival, which swim outside the mainstream and connect with communities that don't always have a voice — but all that swimming can tire a magazine out; custom publications may seem like the dark side, but as these marketing books adopt higher journalistic standards, it’s getting harder to tell the difference between them and consumer magazines; the life of today’s magazine editor is low pay, high anxiety, long hours and short-staffed; and freelance writers march into war for rights and respect. An interview with Tom Lutz, editor of The Los Angeles Review of Books. Raritan can be thought of as the intellectual bridge between those heroic organs of the past like Partisan Review and contemporary little magazines like FEED, The Believer, or n+1. State of Independents is an independent magazine about independent magazines. Unlike blogs, zines are tactile, unique and timeless — and despite the popularity of online publishing tools, the zine-scene is here to stay. While some publishers eye the Apple iPad hopefully as way of migrating the print experience into a rich, multimedia domain as never before, others are already leaping over paper entirely to reach new readers with original digital publications. Flipboard is a new type of digital publication for the iPad that wants to meld your news and social worlds into a sort of personalized magazine (and more and more).