A new issue of Interpretation: A Journal of Political Philosophy is out. Nivien Saleh (St. Thomas): Philosophical Pitfalls: The Methods Debate in American Political Science. Claude Polin (Sorbonne): Western Political Models and Their Metaphysics: The Two Political Philosophies of the West (and part 2: On the Differences between a Republic and a Democracy). From Politics and Society, a special issue on "Winner-Take-All Politics", including an introduction by Jacob S. Hacker and Paul Pierson. From Kettering Review, David Ellerman (UC-Riverside): The Workplace: A Forgotten Topic in Democratic Theory. From TED, Michael Sandel on the lost art of democratic debate. From Student Pulse, an essay on political ideals versus political realities: A dilemma of theory. UC-Riverside's David Ellerman on Inalienable Rights (and part 2 and part 3). Here are sample chapters from The Twilight of Constitutionalism?, ed. Petra Dobner and Martin Loughlin. A review of Tradition, Rationality, and Virtue: The Thought of Alasdair MacIntyre by Thomas D'Andrea. A review of The Cambridge Companion to Leo Strauss, ed. Steven B. Smith. A review of Human Rights, Legitimacy, and the Use of Force by Allen Buchanan. A review of The Disenchantment of Secular Discourse by Steven D. Smith (and more). A review of Numbers Rule: The Vexing Mathematics of Democracy, from Plato to the Present by George Szpiro. More on Great Books, Bad Arguments by W.G. Runciman.