Carey Fitzgerald, Matthew Thompson, and Mitchell Whitaker (Central Michigan): Altruism between Romantic Partners: Biological Offspring as a Genetic Bridge between Altruist and Recipient. From the inaugural issue of Eastern Journal of European Studies, Erhrad Busek and Aleksandra Gjoreska (SECI): The Danube Region: Transformation and Emergence. From Dissent, Fred Block on infrastructure, deficits, and global recovery. More than any other drug, caffeine makes the modern world go ’round, but how good is it for you, how well does it work, and how much do most users consume? A review of What Ever Happened to Modernism? by Gabriel Josipovici. To his millions of fans around the world, he is the quintessential British spy, but to John Le Carre James Bond was a neo-fascist gangster. Fredrik Stromberg’s Comic Art Propaganda: A Graphic History examines the manipulative power of a medium all too often dismissed as mere superficial entertainment. Islam’s answer to MTV: With his new TV station, Ahmed Abu Haiba aims to reconcile Islamic piety with music videos and reality shows. The smallest of all possible groups:  Is "a pair" big enough to be called "a group"? Are IM'ing, texting and blogging ruining our minds and our relationships? Modern-day superheroes promote a macho, violent stereotype for young boys, according to a US psychologist's study. An interview with Peter Singer on the life you can save. Tyler Cowen on why free parking comes at a price (and more). A look at the world’s population by latitude and longitude. Watching a story go viral in twenty-four hours: How Debrahlee Lorenzana became the banker heard ‘round the world. A review of Meaning in Life and Why It Matters by Susan Wolf. The YMCA recently decided to change its name to simply the "Y" — while some think the abbreviation is long overdue, others believe there’s more to it.