David S. Law (Washington U.) and Mila Versteeg (Oxford): The Evolution and Ideology of Global Constitutionalism. From Butterflies and Wheels, Jahanshah Rashidian takes a look into the psychology of dictators. Jonathan Gourlay is white, and all of his students are black — what’s the one word he shouldn’t say? A review of Spoilt Rotten: The Toxic Cult of Sentimentality by Theodore Dalrymple. An interview with Mia Farrow on changing the world for good. The problem with writing in coffee shops is that everyone hates the kind of people who write in coffee shops — especially the kind of people who write in coffee shops. Vogue's earliest celebrity models: The first women who made their names from gracing the pages of the magazine often led lives as exotic and unlikely as anything conjured in a photoshoot. The introduction to Market Threads: How Cotton Farmers and Traders Create a Global Commodity by Koray Caliskan. The Genius of the Tinkerer: The secret to innovation is combining odds and ends, writes Steven Johnson. Atlas Obscura profiles Caboodle Ranch, a thirty-acre non-profit center dedicated to rescuing abandoned cats. Firestorm at Forbes: Is "real journalism" at Forbes being ruined by its blogs? Reid Stowe spent 1,152 days on the open sea, the longest continuous journey ever undertaken by one person — he came back to a brand-new family, but not exactly a hero’s welcome.