Andrew M. Odlyzko (Minnesota): Bubbles, Gullibility, and Other Challenges for Economics, Psychology, Sociology, and Information Sciences. From the CIA's Studies in Intelligence, Patrick C. Neary (ODNI): The Post 9/11 Intelligence Community Intelligence Reform, 2001–2009: Requiescat in Pace?; Christopher Moran (Warwick) and Robert Johnson (Oxford): In the Service of Empire: Imperialism and the British Spy Thriller 1901–1914; a review of Operation Hotel California: The Clandestine War Inside Iraq by Mike Tucker and Charles Faddis; a review of Spinning Intelligence: Why Intelligence Needs the Media, Why the Media Needs Intelligence; intelligence today and tomorrow: An interview with former CIA Director Michael Hayden; and translated in the following pages is a chapter from a book first published in Paris in 1809, or the French Napoleonic Staff View of HUMINT. Finding our inner Republican: The GOP's website reminds us how grand the old party used to be — eons ago. Even to look at it under a clear blue sky, when there is little in the weather to encourage irrational flights of fancy, there is something about the Willoughby Incinerator, a distinctive 1930s industrial building set in suburban parkland on Sydney’s north shore, that sets the imagination in motion. From Trypillian Civilization Journal, an article on Trypillian Civilization in the prehistory of Europe, its culture and its discovery. Who's afraid of Ukrainian history? Timothy Snyder want to know. The Decline of the Left: Le Monstre Doux examines why the political right is ascendent in the West.