The inaugural issue of the Journal of Social Research and Policy is out. Michael E. Lewyn (Florida Coastal): What Would Coase Do? (About Parking Regulation) Jonathan Cohn on how the recovery act was virtually free of waste, fraud, and abuse — that's too bad. When pressed, Republicans can’t name any spending they want to cut. From New Scientist, take the ultimate intelligence test. Often wrong, but she still has rights: Arundhati Roy has been accused of sedition after claiming Kashmir was not part of India — her comments may be controversial, but the real scandal is the law. Facts about online lovebirds: The trove of dating data at OkCupid offers surprising insights on American sexuality and culture. Robert Reich on soaking the rich for their own good. Taki Theodoracopulos pines for the day when gigolos were He-Men: "Now most of them are effete if not gay". More and more on The Pope Is Not Gay! by Angelo Quattrocchi. By letting Tea Party members speak their mind, ambitious gay reporter Chase Whiteside finds fans, critics, and millions of YouTube views. Suppose you’re an idiot: A review of The Autobiography of Mark Twain: Volume I. The antiliberal defenders of civilization — resisting the Ground Zero mosque — are wrong: Liberalism still offers the best hope for combating extremism. This post has been flagged for controversy — DO NOT READ. Neocon Like Me: John Dolan on how he spent a year in Iraq teaching with the Bush-Cheney crazies. A review of Why not Torture Terrorists? Moral, Practical, and Legal Aspects of the "Ticking Bomb" Justification for Torture by Yuval Ginbar. From The Atlantic Monthly, a special section on Brave Thinkers 2010. The story of a Mad magazine artist: A review of Al Jaffee’s Life and Ongoing Juvenilia by Eddy Portnoy. An interview with Ammon Shea, author of The Phone Book: The Curious History of the Book That Everyone Uses But No One Reads.