Jim Pass, Christopher Hearsey and Simone Caroti (ARI): Refining the Definition of Astrosociology Utilizing Three Perspectives. Conversations With Literary Websites: An interview with Brad Listi of The Nervous Breakdown. A review of Meeting the Enemy: American Exceptionalism and International Law by Natsu Taylor Saito. An article on racial differences in the concept of beauty. Comics between covers: Comedians’ memoirs don’t carry publishing prestige, but the likes of Chelsea Handler, Lewis Black, and Sarah Silverman sell big with their blue-streaked, uncensored riffs on American loser-dom. The Devil's Advocate: Giovanni di Stefano is probably the world’s most controversial lawyer and music producer — he’s defended Saddam Hussein, Slobodan Milosevic, Harold Shipman, and Gary Glitter. Scott Adams on how to write like a cartoonist. Why tequila is a girl's best friend: The discovery that he could make diamonds from Mexico's favourite tipple changed this physicist's life. A Theory of Bribes: The definition of a bribe is rather arcane — it isn't even clear whether they are harmful. Is pure altruism possible?: Is doing good for others simply self-interest of a subtle kind? Final bullet: This is the Gaga Manifesto, pace Dada (and more). What’s the deal with the explosion of prep/ivy style blogs? Here are the results of a poll on the thinkers with the most influence on the European left-of-centre political agenda. Gavin McInnes on Christopher Hitchens, party pooper. Saved by the closet: We've got so much stuff that it's easing the slump. A review of The Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires by Tim Wu. The cutting edge: Can stone-tool marks on fossils be distinguished from tooth marks? Blogs and Web magazines are looking more and more alike — what's the difference? An article on reviewing Steve Almond, and reviewing Steve Almond reviewing Steve Almond.