A new issue of Journal of Law and Family Studies is out. Aoife Nolan (Durham): The Child as "Democratic Citizen": Challenging the "Participation Gap". Joan C. Williams on her book Reshaping the Work-Family Debate: Why Men and Class Matter (and more). From Eat the State!, John Chapman on how to turn your kids into radicals. From Yes!, a special issue on what happy families know, including a section on "This is my family": Eight personal essays on what family is today. Meet the Twiblings: How four women (and one man) conspired to make two babies. Emily Yoffe on the rise of the multigenerational family. As complex families proliferate, the law considers: Can a child have more than two parents? Teenage Confusion: The cult of the teenager forgets what it's like to be a teen. A review of Living History: A Family's 19th Century by Hugh Gault. Should children be expected to work? When it comes to involvement in their children’s education, Asian Americans have their own distinct style that often pays dividends when report cards arrive. David Leonhardt on the different costs of motherhood. Even as they become more connected, young people are caring less about others. The new 20-somethings: Why won't they grow up? They're unemployed, living with their parents and waiting longer to get married — what happened to young adulthood? Child-care providers have long been thought of as full-time baby sitters — the government can help them become well-paid professionals.