Claus Dierksmeier (Stonehill): The Global Rights of Humanity in Krausistic Philosophy. Wastebook’ is a Waste: What Senator Coburn’s list of fraud, abuse, and overspending doesn’t tell us. Psychologist Yacov Rofe argues that the repression of memory, as described by Freud, doesn’t exist. Encounters behind bars between Nazi war criminal Hermann Goering and an American psychiatrist 65 years ago raise questions about responsibility, allegiance and the nature of evil. A new study shows just how important the eyes really are when we judge whether a face is that of a living person or an inanimate object. An excerpt from The Death of the Liberal Class by Chris Hedges (and more). John de Graaf on how reducing work hours and sharing available work is essential for our families, health, economic security, and the environment (and a response by Wendell Berry). Ed Kilgore on GOP senators who'll face primary challenge in 2012 and what that means for the future of the Senate. Are political cartoons popular in the Muslim world? A look at how the WikiLeaks cables show the DEA’s global reach. City officials in Perm, Russia, push art maybe a bit too far. Ann Fabian on her book The Skull Collectors: Race, Science, and America’s Unburied Dead. In 2008, Mother Jones and other media outfits made an open records request for Gov. Sarah Palin's emails — Alaska state officials are still processing it.