Richard Stith (Valparaiso): On the Legal Validation of Sexual Relationships. Graham Mayeda (Ottawa): Who Do You Think You Are? When Should the Law Let You Be Who You Want to Be? (a chapter from "You've Changed": Sex Reassignment and Personal Identity). An interview with Stuart Biegel, author of The Right to be Out: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in America's Public Schools. From The Scavenger, the biological body and its given heterosexual proclivities is normalized as a justification for the cultural meanings of men and women, but sex and gender indeterminacy needs to become a part of a radically pluralized sex/gender system — and bisexuality does not reinforce the gender binary; Sasha Sanford on how to create safer spaces for sex and/or gender diverse people; Anastasia Powell on sex, power, and the real problem with "raunch"; and a look at why sex positivity is a sham. Sex and civilization, the body as battleground: Is liberated sexuality destructive to the social order? Sure! An interview with Eric Anderson, the chronicler of homophobia's disappearance. What would Jesus do about sex trafficking? Annie Lobert is spreading the word about the dark side of prostitution, as well as God's love for hookers. A review of Sex, Lies, and Pharmaceuticals: How Drug Companies Plan to Profit from Female Sexual Dysfunction by Ray Moynihan and Barbara Mintzes. Gay activists are taking a cue from Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, but are their struggles the same?