Ezra Rosser (American): Getting to Know the Poor. Edward Stein (Yeshiva): Sexual Orientations, Rights, and the Body: Immutability, Essentialism, and Nativism. Why are the children of the "Greatest Generation" so selfish? The Amanda Knox Fan Club: Whenever there's an over-reported trial, lots of morons start forming opinions on the guilt of the suspect. Why conservative white males are more likely to be climate skeptics: Sociologists attempt to pin down what causes some to question the science behind global warming. What’s the Greek for “rule by spoiled brats”? Raymond J. Haberski on the dilemma that is Stanley Hauerwas. Driving While Dreadlocked: John McWhorter on why police are so bad at racial profiling. Bond, Batman and Titanic can explain the workings of the world, reckons Slavoj Zizek; Danny Leigh joins the superstar philosopher on the set of his latest bizarre voyage into cinema. Popularity Contest: Do Latinos like Marco Rubio? Fight of the Living Dead: Like zombie banks that made bad loans, supporters of the Iraq War have dug in their heels on past mistakes. Bruce Bueno de Mesquita and Alastair Smith, authors of The Dictator's Handbook: Why Bad Behavior is Almost Always Good Politics, apply the arguments to provide a different way of thinking about current events (in 5 parts). Ig Nobel winner Michael Berry writes “best abstract ever”. "False equivalence" reaches Onionesque heights, but in a real paper: James Fallows on the chronicles of false equivalence, chapter 2,817 (and more and more). Hacker Journalism: Why and how self-taught computer programmers, web entrepreneurs, web project managers, programmers from free software communities and open data militants alike have all become interested in journalism, despite the economic crisis that the press seems to be facing the world over.