A new issue of Armed Forces Journal is out. From Military Review, fighting the information war but losing credibility — what can we do? Attempting to make public affairs a nonlethal weapon renders it ineffective — professional journalists will resist accepting press releases full of polemics and propaganda; and the military-media relationship — an exercise in strategic patience: To succeed, the military and the media need each other, no matter how good or strained the relationship. Fareed Zakaria on why defense spending should be cut. Think before you cut: PW Singer on ten simple rules for how to slash the Pentagon's budget without endangering U.S. national security. A secret war in 120 countries: Nick Turse on the Pentagon’s new power elite. Could the Pentagon be responsible for your death? Tom Engelhardt on the military’s marching orders to the jihadist world. From FDL, a book salon on Unmaking War, Remaking Men: How Empathy Can Reshape Our Politics, Ours Soldiers and Ourselves by Kathleen Barry. Military combat and mental health: Resul Cesur, Joseph Sabia, and Erdal Tekin on the psychological costs of war. Joyce S. Goldberg on why she can no longer teach U.S. military history. America's atheist warriors: Like Pat Tillman before them, up to 40,000 US soldiers don't believe in God — meet Jason Torpy, the man who would bring secular wisdom to their ranks. Can Captain Jason Torpy make the intensely Christian U.S. military a better place for atheists? The zombie deployment guide: Jon R. Anderson on a semi-serious look at surviving the undead horde. Translating the Coast Guard uniform: When you see a Coast Guardsman, you can’t help but notice the ribbons, devices and insignias. The Last of the First Club: Who’ll make that poignant and final toast?