From Der Spiegel, has America become an oligarchy? Experts now say the US has entered a second Gilded Age, but one in which hedge fund managers have replaced oil barons — and are killing the American dream. All sorts of federal agencies publish income inequality data, but only the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office directly takes on America’s income inequality deniers. From Wired, does inequality make us unhappy? Jonah Lehrer investigates. The class war has begun — and the very classlessness of our society makes the conflict more volatile, not less. David Brin on “class war” and the lessons of history. Occupied Media interviews economists Jeff Madrick, Doug Henwood and John Quiggin. 25 years of speaking up for the 99%: It isn’t just the data that give the Economic Policy Institute its influence — it’s also its knack for setting and anticipating the agenda. Justice, inequality and the 99 percent: Why has OWS hit a nerve? Ask John Rawls. Jonathan Haidt on the moral foundations of Occupy Wall Street: An illustrated guide to the signs at Zuccotti Park. Joe Lowndes and Dorian Warren on Occupy Wall Street: A twenty-first century populist movement? Blaming the financial industry misses the point — it is the politicians themselves who are to blame. Voting, not OWS, will change America: A low progressive turnout in 2010 got us into this mess — we can't let that happen again. What should Occupy Wall Street do now? Three organizing ideas and five policy ideas that could make the protests even more successful. Rather than running for cover, educated young Americans should be looking at the current upheaval as a chance to pursue their dreams, says Nitin Nohria, Dean of the Harvard Business School. From New York, a cover story on why the current crop of twentysomethings are going to be okay.