Where were you when Europe fell apart? To prevent the EU from turning into a "post-democratic regime of bureaucrats", intellectuals need to stop mumbling and take the fear of Europe seriously. The most recent phase of the global recession has also sparked some interesting maps, including an Eurozone map in the anthropomorphic tradition of Fred Rose’s Serio-Comic Map of Europe (1877). A look at how the Basque people of northern Spain loom large in any attempt to understand the ethnogenesis of European populations. A monument to forgetting: Morgan Meis on how one disaster at Katyn helped us move past another. From Geocurrents, where is the Caucasus? National Subjects: Ethnic identity training in Bosnia and Herzegovina begins in the classroom. From New Left Project, a review of books on the myths of multiculturalism. Who's afraid of Germany's new neo-Nazi underground? An interview with Jonathan Laurence, author of The Emancipation of Europe’s Muslims. Four decades of missed opportunities: Gadi Heimann on Israel and the European Union. From Sliceland to Baku: Frank Jacobs on the extreme geographics of Eurovision 2012.