Antke Engel (ICI-Berlin): Queer Temporalities and the Chronopolitics of Transtemporal Drag. From Tehelka, a special issue on ideas. The Caribbean tech tide rises: In the Caribbean, most of the hard work has already been put in place for a vibrant economic system. Is multiculturalism evil? Robert Spencer wonders. A review of Unpopular Privacy: What Must We Hide? by Anita Allen. A review of Introducing Capitalism and Introducing Marxism. #Riot: Bill Wasik on how self-organized, hyper-networked revolts are coming to a city near you. Writers of the Franzen Generation have decided that the purpose of fiction is to make us feel less alone — will that be enough to save the novel? Scott McLemee reviews Colin McGinn’s The Meaning of Disgust. Eating it up: Louise Foxcroft on diet fads of the ages. The religious beliefs of a minority should not deny individuals like Dudley Clendinen the right to end their lives in the manner of their own choosing. Shit Everyone Says: What does the latest YouTube meme say about the people making it? A look at 6 terrifying things nobody tells you about donating sperm.