Joxerramon Bengoetxea (Basque Country): Seven Theses on Spanish Justice to Understand the Prosecution of Judge Garzon. From the Journal for Communication and Culture, Adrian Costache (UBB): On the Philosophical Styles of the Times: Some Questions Concerning the Meaning of Deconstruction; Dana Irina (UBB): A Culture of Human Rights and the Right to Culture; Adina Nicoleta Gavrila (UBB): Should the Death Penalty Be Abolished? Arguments For and Against the Centuries-Old Punishment; and Codruta Cuceu (RA): Milestones in the Critique of the Public Sphere: Dewey and Arendt. The real value of the international hacker imaginary is not just in the way it produces a general subject, but the way it self-authorizes to intervene in the social interest. An interview with Maria Popova, creator of Brain Pickings. The Alpha and the Omega of Risk — The Significance of Mortality: The first chapter from Acts of God and Man: Ruminations on Risk and Insurance by Michael Powers. For better government, don’t kill all the lawyers. David Ropeik on the psychology of why the government should limit our use of cell phones while we drive. A look at 5 "modern" medical procedures (are thousands of years old).