From TAP, a special section on money and elections. Citizen Bopp: Meet the lawyer on a crusade to topple all limits on the role of money in politics. David Weigel on why Super PACs are good for democracy: They’ve made the race for the White House a lot more fair. From The New Yorker, Ryan Lizza on the Obama Memos and how Washington changed the President; and Joe and Debbie: Can Obama win Middle America? Why Obama will embrace the 99 Percent: Any Republican who cannot connect with the white working class is going to have trouble in the Electoral College. Obama, Explained: Longtime analyst of the presidency James Fallows takes the measure of our 44th president, with a view to history. Winning the Future: Obama’s reelection chances are looking good right now, but the next nine months are full of storm clouds. As toxic as this year’s Republican primary has been, it’ll look downright tame once the general election gets going; Joe Hagan goes inside the Democratic and Republican smear machines as they gear up for the most vicious campaign in history. The "other" political parties of the US: It's not just Democrat or Republican — dozens of third-party candidates are also running for president this fall.