A new issue of the International Review of Scottish Studies is out. Julie Danskin (Dundee): The "Hotbed of Genius": Edinburgh’s literati and the Community of the Scottish Enlightenment. Thomas Brochard (Aberdeen): Exile and Return from the Far North of Scotland from the Reformation to the Revolution. From Scottish Left Review, a special issue on Independence. The coming battle of Britain: Colin Liddell on the secret coalition that will ensure Scottish independence. Free Scotland: Gerry Hassan on why the Scots want independence. Braveheart in the 21st century: Thomas Ricks on the U.S. security stakes in Scottish independence. Just as Labour and the left had to analyse and even empathise with Thatcherism post-1983, so Labour and unionists are faced with a similar set of challenges in Scotland today. Although the SNP has made major gains in recent years in many parts of Scotland, it has done poorly in others, such as the Shetland and Orkney Islands. A medieval fishing village is believed to have been found in the Outer Hebrides after a tip-off from an islander (and more). When Macbeth met Hamlet: Scotland could go Scandinavian, first and foremost by the sheer power of Gestalt psychology. A peculiar Scottish disorder is described in the Scottish Medical Journal.