The inaugural issue of the Journal for Occupied Studies is out. From International Socialism, Megan Trudell on the Occupy movement and class politics in the US. Participants in ­OWS talk about what’s inspired them about the protests — and what they hope for the movement’s future. Vanity Fair’s oral history of OWS shows how the spark was lit in Zuccotti Park as a disparate, passionate mix of activists, celebrities, and accidental protesters changed the national conversation. C. Wright Mills would have loved OWS. How to make Occupy catch on: To build a fairer economy, we need to reclaim time-tested progressive narratives. Is a politically ambitious New York lawyer trying to turn #OWS into the Tea Party Express? You’d expect the RCP/LM to be instinctively against OWS, as the sect is pro-corporate, pro-capitalism, viscerally anti-Left, but most important of all always takes contrarian positions; however, the virulence of its loathing of the Occupy movement is extraordinary even by sect standards. The Occupy movement may be in retreat, but its ideas are advancing. What happened to Occupy Wall Street? The anti-corporate movement may be out of the headlines, but it's keeping itself busy (and more).