From City Journal, Sol Stern on Hannah Arendt and the Origins of Israelophobia: The great antitotalitarian thinker was no friend to the Jewish state. Gabriel Piterberg on works of scholarship that have challenged the Zionist Israeli narrative of modern history. With Washington, D.C., talking Israeli politics, National Review Online asked experts: “Going into a presidential-election year, what’s a sane, responsible Israel policy?” From Moment, what does it mean to be pro-Israel today? John J. Mearsheimer, Martin Peretz, Peter Beinart, Amos Oz, Benny Morris, Caroline Glick and others share their opinions; and Gershom Gorenberg on how Israel’s democracy needs your help. The "Peace Process", a short history: Chronicling Israel and Palestine's path to becoming a catchphrase. The leftist Israeli magazine +972 wants to sound the alarm on a Jewish state it believes is destroying itself (and more). Abortions in Israel: Lilith reporters Elana Maryles Sztokman and L. Ariella Zeller demonstrate how a society's pro-natalist assumptions undercut women's control over their own bodies.