Cryonics magazine profiles Max More. Through a glass darkly: Mike Darwin on obstacles to envisioning the future of cryonics; and inheritance and disinheritance are not for us: More by Darwin on cryonics and the death of his parents. The cryonics dilemma: To freeze oneself or not to freeze oneself — that is the question. Bioconservatives vs. Bioprogressives: A review of The Body Politic: The Battle Over Science in America by Jonathan D. Moreno. Raymond L. Neubauer on his book Evolution and the Emergent Self. What if humans were twice as intelligent? Steve Fuller, Rachel Armstrong, China Mieville, Sarah Chan and Andy Miah debate how we will ascribe status to human life in a "post-human" world. Humanity 2.0: As homo sapiens develops more and more technologies for changing itself, what will, and should, the humans of the future look like? An interview with Allen Buchanan, author of Better than Human: The Promise and Perils of Enhancing Ourselves. Want to prepare your kids for the Singularity? Read Jonathan Mugan’s The Curiosity Cycle. The Big Robot Questions: Patrick Lin on the social, legal, and ethical problems posed by the coming robotics revolution.