From The International Economy, can tax reform save the U.S. economy? A symposium of views. A book salon on The Benefit and The Burden: Tax Reform — Why We Need It and What It Will Take by Bruce Bartlett (and Bartlett on how the tax code is not aligned with basic principles; and would a higher top tax rate raise revenues?) David Cay Johnston on three big tax lies — and two must-read new books that finally debunk them. From an overseas haven to a TARP gift to Nascar, companies are skirting the IRS — here’s the most egregious ways corporations have worked the system to shortchange Uncle Sam. What did GE pay in taxes in 2011: Who knows? Jeff Strabone on tax justice, the next great American movement. Chances are you’ve never heard of Beardsley Ruml, but if you pay income taxes, he has exerted a significant influence on your life. Law and order 24/7, except at tax time: The rich don’t much like paying taxes when tax rates run high — they don’t much like paying taxes when tax rates run low either. What if all sides are wrong about taxes?