Peter J. Boettke (GMU): An Anarchist’s Reflection on the Political Economy of Everyday Life. From Praesidium, Mark Wegiersky on humanism and rooted diversity: Two major foci of resistance to late modernity. A review of Why It's Kicking Off Everywhere: The New Global Revolutions by Paul Mason. Nicholas Schmidle is on the trail of an intercontinental killer. From Brick, Hector Abad revisits Bertrand Russell; and Grant Buday on the benefits of old books. Randall J. Stephens and Karl Giberson on conservative Christianity and its discontents. Awkward for everyone: Pat Robertson weighs in on oral sex. From Swans, Manuel Garcia on an application of Bayesian bargains, otherwise known as the Prisoner's Dilemma, to shopping, debt, and voting. From New York, the most successful stars in the world aren’t necessarily the best or even the most famous — Mark Harris on a cost-benefit analysis of the new celebrity economy; and what really goes on behind the closed doors of workplaces? Here’s a collection of trade secrets. Botanists finally ditch Latin and paper, enter 21st century.