Faydra Shapiro (Wilfrid Laurier): Jesus for Jews: The Unique Problem of Messianic Judaism. From Quest, a special issue on modernity and the cities of the Jews. From Moment, a diverse array of artists, scientists and scholars expound on the intersection between Judaism­ and creativity; and Jews have been keeping track of relationships for millennia, but in recent decades the social ritual has taken on new life, and a new name: Jewish Geography. Naming the matriarchy: What we call ourselves when we're hyphenates, when we're grandmothers, when we're Jews. A review of The Chosen People: A Study of Jewish Intelligence and Achievement by Richard Lynn. Eric Alterman on Sheldon Adelson and the end of American anti-Semitism. From Forward, who's scoring a "Jew Goal"? Soccer fans borrow anti-Semitic expression for easy chance; and persons of (linguistic) interest: The word "Jew" has fallen out of favor (and more). The nebbish is the bumbling caricature of a Jewish male, embodied by figures like Woody Allen and George Costanza — where did he come from?