D. A. Jeremy Telman (Valparaiso): Law or Politics? Hans Kelsen and the Post-War International Order. From Nebula, Matthew Wilsey-Cleveland (Colorado): Of Fools and Knaves: Rhetorical and Ethical Implications of Interpretations of Fight Club from the Left and Right. What’s the best way to get users to embrace mass transit — make it pleasant or make it efficient? A review of Stop Signs: Cars and Capitalism — On the Road to Economic, Social and Ecological Decay by Bianca Mugenyi and Yves Engler. America has never been safer — so why are politicians and the media trying to terrify us? From Philosophy Now, a review of The Beginning of Infinity by David Deutsch; and a review of A Philosophy of Boredom by Lars Svendsen. Defending science: A scientist and a philosopher discuss the evolution debate, and the best methods for establishing our beliefs. The introduction on On Sacrifice by Moshe Halbertal. Dense as a rock, but surprisingly dangerous (not because of his martial arts skills), Chuck Norris seems hell-bent to be wrong on absolutely every issue, and succeeds to a rather remarkable degree.