A new issue of Homeland Security Affairs is out. Nick J. Sciullo (Georgia State): Social Justice in Turbulent Times: Critical Race Theory and Occupy Wall Street. Wiretaps and Weathermen: An excerpt from Enemies: A History of the FBI by Tim Weiner. On the Market: Alice Gregory on working at Sotheby’s. Some awfully good companies are competing for the "Worst Company in America" title. Stunning immorality: If the Ryan budget somehow became reality then you might have to give up on college and avoid air travel — assuming you survived the food poisoning and killer diseases. The birth control debate is really about fear of the entire future. From NeoAmericanist, Shaun Clarkson on Woody Allen and the Golden Age of Kitsch. Andrew Gelman on voting patterns of America’s whites, from the masses to the elites. From the latest issue of The Baffler, Thomas Frank on too smart to fail: Notes on an age of folly. Good news first, bad news never: Ryan Cooper on how the Peace Corps believes its own PR, looks past its mistakes, and shafts volunteers in the process. Who wrote the Iliad? The “Homeric Question” is one that scholars cannot resist answering.