Rowan Tepper (Binghampton): Kairos: A Political Post-History of the Concept of Time. From the World Future Society, Alireza Hejazi on on the future of futures studies and on how to become a disciplined futurist. On the imperfect science of liveblogging: What kind of technology, planning, and editorial imagination go into cover events like Apple announcements through liveblogs? A review of Glock: The Rise of America's Gun by Paul M. Barrett. What you need to know about the smear campaign against Trayvon Martin (and more). Will “Obamacare” matter to US voters? Support for "Obamacare" splits along partisan lines, so healthcare reform may not be a potent election issue this fall. You know the Republican mantra you’ve been hearing for three years, “repeal and replace”? Mitch McConnell admits that the real plan is just plain repeal. If the Court does uphold the ACA, is this likely to put an end to partisan conflict? From Brain Pickings, Maria Popova introduces the Curator’s Code, a standard for honoring attribution of discovery across the Web (and a response and more).