From InterActions, Julia Glassman (UCLA): Stop Speaking For Us: Women-of-Color Bloggers, White Appropriation, and What Librarians Can Do About It. Gregory Scott Parks (Wake Forest) and Rashawn Ray (UC-Berkeley): Poetry as Evidence. Arnold Farr (Kentucky): Racialized Consciousness, Symbolic Representionalism, and the Prophetic/Critical Voice of the Black Intellectual. From The Christian Century, Jonathan Tran on the new black theology: Retrieving ancient sources to challenge racism. From Garvey to Obama: Historian Robert Hill says the activist’s impact still echoes through the decades. From Boston Review, Ryan Enos on how segregation is still a problem in the US; and a symposium on the future of black politics, with a cover story by Michael C. Dawson, and contributions by William Julius Wilson, Lani Guinier and Gerald Torres, Tommie Shelby, Jennifer L. Hochschild, and more. Black politics and the establishment: An interview with Charles E. Cobb, Jr. Dangerous times for black men: For every black man in America, the Trayvon Martin tragedy is personal.