The latest issue of Army History and the latest issue of Navy History are out. From European Journal of American Studies, a special issue on Wars and New Beginnings in American History, including Agnieszka Soltysik Monnet (Lausanne): War and National Renewal: Civil Religion and Blood Sacrifice American Culture; David Ellwood (Bologna): The American Challenge in Uniform: The Arrival of America’s Armies in World War II and European Women; Jean-Paul Gabilliet (Bordeaux): Making a Homefront without a Battlefront: The Manufacturing of Domestic Enemies in the Early Cold War Culture; Kate Delaney (MIT): The Many Meanings of D-Day; and Rob Kroes (Amsterdam): The Power of Rhetoric and the Rhetoric of Power: Exploring a Tension within the Obama Presidency. Edmund Wilson’s Patriotic Gore is one of the most important and confounding books ever written about the Civil War. A review of The Clausewitz Delusion: How the American Army Screwed Up the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (A Way Forward) by Stephen L. Melton. A look at how Iraq and Afghanistan have changed the military.