A new issue of The Examined Life is out. Kevin Hylton (Leeds Met): Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk: Defining Critical Race Theory in Research. Jean-Michel Glachant (EUI): Regulating Networks in the New Economy. Dimitris Fasfalis on Pierre Bourdieu, a thinker of emancipation (and more). From Social Policy, is it becoming harder to “ACORN” progressive groups? Wade Rathke wonders. When did Facebook become Congress? Wendy McElroy wants to know. From Free Inquiry, Christopher Hitchens writes in defense of Richard Dawkins. From Electronic Book Review, can a corporate-dominated Web become an environment conducive to literary activity? The novelist, essayist, and cultural critic Curtis White is skeptical. The book that drove them crazy: Andrew Ferguson on Allan Bloom’s The Closing of the American Mind 25 years later. Rick Perlstein on why conservatives are still crazy after all these years. Derek Thompson on the spectacular rise and fall of U.S. whaling: An innovation story. Platform for Pedagogy is a group that publicizes and promotes public lectures, symposia and related cultural events in and around New York City.