From The Pomegranate, Caroline Jane Tully (Melbourne): Researching the Past is a Foreign Country: Cognitive Dissonance as a Response by Practitioner Pagans to Academic Research on the History of Pagan Religions; and a review of Theater in a Crowded Fire: Ritual and Spirituality at Burning Man by Lee Gilmore. The Lives of Transgender People presents the findings from a 3500-person survey; Scott McLemee takes a walk on the wild side. From The Baffler, Maureen Tkacik on the omniscient gentlemen of The Atlantic: “The more omniscient types are the ones more naturally inclined to keep up the Thought Leader lists, and assign themselves a place at the top of them.” From U.S. Intellectual History, the first entry on a round table covering The Baffler, No. 19 (March 2012). From New York, Jonathan Chait on the legendary Paul Ryan: Mitt who? Thomas E. Mann and Norman J. Ornstein say it: The Republicans are the problem. As the guilty verdict in the five year-long trial of Charles Taylor, former president of Liberia, was handed down in the Hague, Liberians looked to the sky and saw an ominous sign: a perfect circular rainbow around the sun.