Rebecca Weitz-Shapiro (Brown) and Matthew S. Winters (Illinois): The Link Between Voting and Life Satisfaction in Latin America. Live Drange Danbolt (NLA): The Challenge of Bilingualism in a Multilingual Society: The Bolivian Case. Cristina Amescua Chavez (UNAM): Intangible Cultural Heritage in Mexico. Where the world's jobs are: Lauded for its economic stability and entrepreneurial opportunities, interns and career changers alike are looking to Latin America to launch their careers. Climate change is wreaking havoc in Central America. A review of Revolutionary Doctors: How Venezuela and Cuba are Changing the World’s Conceptualization of Health Care by Steve Brouwer. Edmundo Paz Soldan on how Garcia Marquez explains Latin America (and Roberto Bolano and Tomas Eloy Martinez). Plumbing the isolated depths of Chilean Patagonia: Faustino Barrientos is the loneliest cowboy in the world. Imagining the land of the future: A review essay on new histories of Brazilian modernity. Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales And Rafael Correa: Steve Ellner on the distinguishing features of Latin America's New Left in power. A review of The Unconquered: In Search of the Amazon’s Last Uncontacted Tribes by Scott Wallace.