From Marxist Left Review, Tom Bramble on Australian imperialism and the rise of China. Is there a "right" kind of homelessness? The people sleeping out at Occupy Sydney are making a public statement about inequality and housing affordability. Indonesia's counter-terror unit Detachment 88 is funded and trained by Australia — why are we so involved with a unit whose work includes counter-separatist activities? The government of Western Australia has recently decided that the “fly in; fly out” model of Pilbara employment is inefficient, and that more workers should reside permanently in the region. The Sonorous Roar of Cannons: James Halford on national feeling in Mexico and Australia. Peace Be Upon You: Is Australia a Christian nation? The fracas that engulfed the country's prime minister during Aboriginal protests on Australia Day speaks volumes about a society still coming to terms with its past. From Socialist Alternative, how does the 1 percent rule? The Royal Me: How Australians’ disdain for authority has led to an epidemic of secession. Did early humans ride the waves to Australia?