David Todd (Cambridge): Protectionism as Internationalist Liberalism: Birth and Spread, 1789-1914 (and more). Simon Springer (Otago): Neoliberalism as Discourse: Between Foucauldian Political Economy and Marxian Poststructuralism. Mathieu Hilgers (ULB): The Historicity of the Neoliberal State; and The Three Anthropological Approaches to Neoliberalism. Simon Springer (NUS): Neoliberalism and Geography: Expansions, Variegations, Formations. Jerrold A. Long (Idaho): Overcoming Neoliberal Hegemony in Community Development: Law, Planning, and Selected Lamarckism. Sirvan Karimi (York): Contradictions of Capitalism and Their Ideological Counterparts: The Neo-Liberal Project and the Concept of "Social Capital". Colin Crouch on his book The Strange Non-death of Neo-liberalism. From Scottish Left Review, Francis Stuart writes in praise of regulation; and to understand the world of the deregulation agenda it is useful to understand the history of red tape. From continent., here is a neo-liberalism crash course (get your former state enterprises cheap, now! Two for one on prisons!).