From Hispanic Issues, a special issue on Hispanic Literatures and the Question of a Liberal Education. Women and children first: Eric Michael Johnson, in conversation with eminent evolutionary biologists Sarah Hrdy and Robert Trivers, explores how Mother Nature and the social network that nurtured our past have been remembered at last (and more). From National Review, Jay Nordlinger on Nobel nuggets (in 5 parts). From The Science Creative Quarterly, waiting to inhale: Why it hurts to hold your breath. Rachel Maddow, the lovable wonk: With the release of her latest book, Drift, MSNBC’s biggest 
star shows once again why she's captured the liberal imagination (and more and more). Danger in paradise: An article on the hidden hazards of volcano geotourism. An interview with Ben Hellwarth, author of Sealab: America’s Forgotten Quest to Live and Work on the Ocean Floor. Shocking images back up what The Village Voice has been reporting for years: New York City's jails are houses of horror. A review of With the Hand: A History of Masturbation by Mels van Driel. From World Policy Journal, when should language be restricted?