From Atlantis, Carmen Portero Munoz (Cordoba): Noun-noun Euphemisms in the Language of the Global Financial Crisis. Paul Krugman on how Ben Bernanke has the power, and the obligation, to end the slump and the human misery that comes with it — so what’s stopping him? No end in sight: James Surowiecki on why long-term unemployment hurts us all. From the Russell Sage Foundation, a forum on social class in America. The purpose of spectacular wealth, according to a spectacularly wealthy guy: Edward Conard, once a partner of Mitt Romney at Bain Capital, argues that more income inequality is good for the economy. How economists have misunderstood inequality: An interview with James Galbraith. Market thinking so permeates our lives that we barely notice it anymore; Michael Sandel sums up the hidden costs of a price-tag society. An interview with philosophers Keith Wyma and Tobin Senefeld, authors of Streetsmart Ethics: Connecting What's Right with What's Smart on Wall Street. Wall Street is capitalism in its purest form, and capitalism is predicated on bad behavior — this should hardly be news.