Anupam Chander (UC-Davis): Facebookistan. Zsolt Kelemen (Szeged): Becoming the New Socialite? Facebook, Transmedia and Storytelling in the Age of New Media. From Cyberpsychology, Stephan Winter, Nina Haferkamp and Yvonne Stock (Duisburg-Essen) and Nicole C. Kramer (Dresden): The Digital Quest for Love: The Role of Relationship Status in Self-Presentation on Social Networking Sites. Laurie Johnson (USQ): Between Form and Function: History and Identity in the Blogosphere. From Wired, Brian Christian on the A/B Test: Inside the technology that's changing the rules of business. Ryan Tate on Twitter’s secret history as the world’s worst tech or media business. Dmitry Orlov on making the Internet safe for anarchy. The sound of the Internet: If the Internet makes a sound (and it does), are you listening? From Buzzfeed, John Herrman on a human's guide to the tech bubble. Are LOLCats making us smart? Academics are starting to take a hard look at Internet memes and the cultural sensibilities they reflect. Tumblr released statistics that prove what most people could have only guessed: There are a shit ton of “Fuck Yeah” blogs.