From Americana: The Journal of American Popular Culture, Jeffrey K. Johnson (JBPHH): Terrified Protectors: The Early Twenty-First Century Fear Narrative in Comic Book Superhero Stories. How reliable are the social sciences? The physical sciences produce detailed and precise predictions, but social sciences do not — policy makers should take heed. Playboy goes west: Is the Midwest’s only great magazine heading into the sunset? Ezra Klein on how the Facebook IPO and U2’s Bono explain income inequality. Facebook's success has the unintended consequence of leading to the demise of Silicon Valley as a place where investors take big risks on advanced science and tech that helps the world. Jacqueline Stevens on citizenship to go: People everywhere should be free to move across borders, as they are in the European Union. Hard pressed for a semiological deciphering of the Romney laugh, Gary Wills turns to Milan Kundera’s aetiology and taxonomy of senseless laughter. A look at why the $60,000 per year housekeeper is a right-wing nightmare. Is Elizabeth Warren Native American or what?