Liesbeth Huppes-Cluysenaer (Amsterdam): The Fallacy of Continuity, on the References to Aristotle in Arendt and Agamben. Blair McDonald (TRU): To Do What One Ought to Do: Reconsidering Heidegger's Thesis: "The Animal Is Poor in World". A new issue of Cultural Studies Review is out, including Stephen Muecke (UNSW): Motorcycles, Snails, Latour: Criticism without Judgement; and Timothy Laurie (Sydney) and Hannah Stark (Tasmania): Reconsidering Kinship: Beyond the Nuclear Family with Deleuze and Guattari. From the inaugural issue of Materiali Foucaultiani, Amedeo Policante (London): Foucault, Subjectivity and Flight: Witchcraft, Possession and the Resistance of the Flesh. From Foucault Studies, a special issue on Foucault and race. You can download for free The Political Philosophy of Michel Foucault by Mark Kelly. A review of Foucault: His Thought, His Character by Paul Veyne. From the the Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory, a symposium on Longing for the Other: Levinas and Metaphysical Desire by Drew M. Dalton. A review of Postcolonial Tourism: Literature, Culture, and Environment by Anthony Carrigan.