A new issue of Public Diplomacy is out. Kaarina Maatta and Satu Uusiautti (Lapland): Love and Play: Are They the Same? From Cato Journal, a special issue on monetary reform in the wake of crisis. Oprah Winfrey and OWN on the Ropes: Chicago's former media queen is struggling to save the network that bears her name — how things went so wrong and how Oprah is handling the career challenge of her life. PC Wars Redux: Why are millennials re-litigating the political correctness fights of the 90s? Richard Dawkins on why he wants all our children to read the King James Bible. What are the core competences of high finance? (a) Finding fools for counterparties and (b) evading regulations/disguising gambling as hedging. Over steak and fries Cornel West, the professor of African-American studies and religion, talks about losing faith with Obama. Do you assholes realize that Vice has been putting out the magazine every 30 days for something like 40 years now? Here's another one, on weirdness. From Harper’s, killing the competition: Barry C. Lynn on how the new monopolies are destroying open markets.