From the Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, Jennifer Katz (Geneseo), Vanessa Tirone (Tennessee), and Erika van der Kloet (Geneseo): Moving In and Hooking Up: Women’s and Men’s Casual Sexual Experiences During the First Two Months of College. From Touchstone, man up, lady down: Perry L. Glanzer on the demise of ladies and gentlemen in higher education. From Christianity Today, the missing factor in higher education: A cover story on how Christian universities are unique, and how they can stay that way; and Jocelyn Green on how five small Christian schools are adapting to the new environment. From Academe, Matthew Woessner on rethinking the plight of conservatives in higher education: Findings that run against the grain of assumptions; and the essays in Military Culture and Education are a collective effort to “bridge the gap between the academy and the military”. From The New Yorker, there are no walls between Stanford and Silicon Valley — should there be?; and Nicholas Lemann on the cost of college: Is the higher-education bubble about to pop?