Learry Gagne (Alberta): A Modern Interpretation of Machiavelli's Political Cycle. Anca Costina Gherghe (Craiova): Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Freedom as Foundation of Social Contract. Tara Myketiak (Concordia): Nondiscrimination and the Human Right to Democracy. Meir Dan-Cohen (UC-Berkeley): Law, Loyalty and Citizenship. Santiago Lopez Petit (Barcelona): What If We Refuse to Be Citizens? A Manifesto for Vacating Civic Order. Ekow N. Yankah (Yeshiva): When Justice Can't Be Done: The Obligation to Govern and Rights in the State of Terror. The introduction to Trust and Violence: An Essay on a Modern Relationship by Jan Philipp Reemtsma. The introduction to A Written Republic: Cicero's Philosophical Politics by Yelena Baraz. From Political Theology, a series of book reviews. Here is a series of podcasts with Seyla Benhabib on cosmopolitanism. From the American Liberal Arts Blog, an article on the four last things and political philosophy. Underdogs are always the winners at Reddit's r/justiceporn, a subreddit that showcases videos of swift, often physical, instances of justice being done to people who unmistakably deserve it.