From Triple C: Cognition, Communication, Co-operation, a special section on critical theory and political economy of the Internet. Facebook, Google, Zynga — they think they're saints of American capitalism, but they're really the successors to the Big Money magnates of the Gilded Age. From The Ethical Spectacle, Peter Bearse on Facebook and Google: Turning private information into corporate profit. Is it time to tax the Internet? How our communities can stop losing out on business and tax revenue. If the Internet is a global phenomenon, it's because there are tubes at the bottom of the ocean — a look at the undersea cables that connect us (and more and more and more and more and more and more on Tubes by Andrew Blum). The Internet Age was meant to change everything — internationalism, commerce, journalism, government — so why has the Internet changed so little? From Cato Unbound, Berin Szoka on a greater understanding of Internet activism. Cory Doctorow on the problem with nerd politics: If we don't operate within the realm of traditional power and politics, then we will lose.