A new issue of the New Criterion is out, including an essay by Henry Kissinger on Burkean conservatism and the limits of universalism. Mystical anarchism: Simon Critchley on invisibility, opacity, resonance. Roger Berkowitz on the euro-crisis, Seyla Benhabib’s cosmopolitanism, and Arendt’s defense of politics. From The Nation, a special section on Amazon and the conquest of publishing. You are not a curator, you are actually just a filthy blogger. Labor journalism today: Corporate lackeys accost, detain eXiled contributor Mike Elk for daring to question Honeywell CEO’s union-busting policies. Jamelle Bouie on the insane scenario unfolding before our eyes. Stuxnet was a monster computer virus; Flame is 20 times larger — and it's been out there, listening, for years. The Association for Political Theory Virtual Reading Group for 2012 will discuss Samuel Moyn's The Last Utopia. Digital Disquiet: How 8- and 16-bit games taught Jesse Miksic the power of dread. Jeremy Lin reportedly caught partying, drinking — could this hurt his Christian influence? Good news: People eat other people on a pretty regular basis.