From Essays in Philosophy, a special issue on Philosophical Methodology, including Federico Mathias Pailos (Buenos Aires): Intuition as Philosophical Evidence; and Brian Talbot (Colorado): Interest as a Starting Place for Philosophy. From Logos and Episteme, Stephen Grimm (Fordham): What is Interesting?; Adrian Costache (UBB): For a Post-Historicist Philosophy of History: Beyond Hermeneutics; and Axel Gelfert (NUS): Who is an Epistemic Peer? From Theoria, a special issue on Lilian Bermejo-Luque's Giving Reasons: A Linguistic-pragmatic-approach to Argumentation Theory. Here is the latest issue of The Reasoner, a monthly digest highlighting exciting new research on reasoning, inference and method broadly construed. Georgios Constantine Pentzaropoulos on generating stable knowledge via reduction in entropy. There is the scientific method, but what about the philosophical method? From The Philosophers' Magazine, is naturalism an article of faith? Ophelia Benson investigates. Peter Boghossian pulls no punches claiming that faith is a cognitive sickness and that those who attempt to get to the truth using faith are delusional.