A new issue of Hippocampus is out. From the inaugural issue of Bridges: Conversations in Global Politics, Felix Grenier (Ottawa): Conversations in and on IR: Labeling, Framing and Delimiting IR Discipline; Philippe Fournier (UQAM): Michel Foucault's Considerable Sway on International Relations Theory. From Artforum, an interview with David Graeber on the uses and abuses of social and economic theory in the realm of culture. Philanthropy is no alternative to paying tax: It is hard to see why a family struggling to get by should be obliged to contribute to my favourite causes. It's hard out there for a billionaire — which they'll be more than happy to let you know (and more). Bizarro world bullshit: Why we should all root for the Miami Heat. From King Tutankhamen’s tomb to the Rosetta Stone, Egyptology enters the 21st century and proves to be worth further studies. Charles Lane on why Congress should cut funding for political science research (and a response by Henry Farrell and more and more on “defunding the social sciences” news). Obituary: Elinor Ostrom, Nobel Laureate political scientist. A review of The Institutional Revolution: Measurement and the Economic Emergence of the Modern World by Douglas Allen.