Flavio da Cunha Rezende (UFPE): Do Institutions Produce Institutional Change? The New Historical Institutionalism and Analytic Innovations in the Theory of Change. Does anyone really like being called a tourist? A traveller, a visitor or even a foreigner perhaps but never a tourist. A review of Against Thrift: Why Consumer Culture is Good for the Economy, the Environment, and Your Soul by James Livingston (and a response). From Comment, Aaron Belz on jokes as a sophisticated form of border patrol and, in parody especially, correction; and re-dressing a threadbare faith: To think carefully about fashion is not for the intellectually and theologically faint of heart. Roland Topor on 100 good reasons to kill himself right now. Longer than a short story but shorter than a novel, the novella has been the ugly stepchild of the literary world — but that's starting to change. From GQ, George Wright, America's most elusive fugitive, ran for forty years — now that it's over, he might just pull off the greatest escape of all. Love, Actually: Eva Illouz on why modern courtship hinges on social validation.