From Inside Indonesia, Marshall Clark examines how masculinity is imagined in contemporary Indonesia; and a new book sheds light on the little studied field of male heterosexuality in Southeast Asia. Faking it in Bangkok: Christopher G. Moore on dummy CCTV cameras. Betting on a Cambodian Spring: Why Cambodia’s opposition faces a steep uphill battle in its effort to oust Prime Minister Hun Sen. The slow death of "Asian Values": Why the latest news from Malaysia helps to undermine authoritarianism throughout the region. Brave new world: A reformed Myanmar could have a big effect on its neighbours. The optimism about Burma is subverted by its never-ending civil war. Burma takes its first steps towards democracy, but can the NLD offer more than just Aung San Suu Kyi’s star appeal? Alms-bowl pamphleteer: Benoit Cros on the story of King Zero, a Burmese activist monk. Where Burma dissolves into China: China is wholly involved in the political and economic life of Burma’s would-be breakaway border state of Kachin, at both high and low levels. Does India have a role in Southeast Asia or will it be all at sea? A review of Southeast Asia in World History by Craig Lockard.