A new issue of CEU Political Science Journal is out. Constantine Sandis (Oxford Brookes): Understanding the Lion For Real (“Is it an accident that one of the most quoted remarks by Wittgenstein is also one of the least understood?”) From Hispanic Issues Online, a special issue on Hybrid Storyspaces. The secrets of political summits: Summits used to be rare, now they clog politicians' diaries and involve huge entourages — are they really that productive? From The Saturday Evening Post, Aaron Rimstidt on the 10 silliest cliches since sliced bread. Why I hate the myth of the suffering artist: It is absurd and insulting to assume artists are assisted by despair or hunger in a way that, say, plumbers are not. The rebirth of tragedy: The television show The Wire resurrects the classical Greek vision — some conflicts are beyond resolution. I was a teenage Gramlich: Jim Newell on how he conquered monetary policy, macroeconomics, and the giggles. Boomers, you folks had it easy: The anti-youth, “kids these days” reflex is cynical beyond belief. The term “mumblecore” is so twee and horrible, it would instinctively repel you.